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I have been selling felt board products with my mom for over 20 years. She started her felt business (Felt Fantasies) in 1990.  I always enjoyed traveling with my mom and helping her sell products at educational conferences and craft shows. However, all of that came to a stop once I had children of my own. Trying to run a business and travel to shows became nearly impossible with little ones. Of course my 2 kiddos are my biggest blessings but I had to figure out another way to sell my products. 


I started selling my Mom’s felt board sets on eBay and they were a HUGE hit. Many of my customers from eBay asked me if I could start making felt board sets to accompany popular children’s songs and books. My mom was already too busy with her own creations to take on another product idea. I had no option but to venture out and try to make these little felt sets on my own. 


After many months of trials and tribulations, I finally figured out a way to make these little felt sets by hand. The process was long…Drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing, ironing, and cutting some more. The finished product was so cute and became very popular. However, I just couldn’t seem to make these little felt sets fast enough. I found myself working around the clock trying to make the felt sets and fill orders. I then realized that I could no longer do this all on my own. I knew that in order to help my little business grow, I needed to enlist the help of others.


In 2005, I branched out from my Mom’s business and started my own company- (Storytelling Fun). Thankfully, we still work together on the production and sales of our products.  It's a blessing that we are neighbors and get to see each other everyday when we "go to work".


I currently sell some of her products (Felt Fantasies) and she sells some of my products (Storytelling Fun).  


We have definitely come a long way over the years. It makes us laugh when we think about that very  first felt set we created so many years ago.


I'm so glad you've found my website. I hope you and your children have as much fun playing with our products as we did designing them.



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